Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of teaching dozens of individuals just why I love weaving, and hopefully helping them find a love for it, too. It is my hope that as I continue to grow Moon & Yarn that I will be able to host events to include more people, more weaving styles, different types of looms, stitches, and more to help others venture into the world of colorfully creative weavings and fiber artistry. In the past, I have done workshops that teach various techniques when using a circle or a frame loom including…
• Warping a frame loom
• Tabby weave
• Rya knots
• Soumak (Braid stitch)
• Removing your weaving from a loom and hanging your creation
At my workshops, tools are provided, and extra looms are available for purchase if you want to begin your weaving journey on your own after class concludes. A wide variety of yarn is also available for you to customize your piece to fit your unique personality just right. Throughout each class, I am also available if you run into any issues and need an extra set of hands to perfect your weaving.

Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival – Beginner Weaving Workshop on a Frame Loom

August 12-14, 2021. More details to come soon!