The Woolies Podcast

In February of 2020, my best friend, Hayley Geary, and I created a Youtube fiber podcast and affectionately named it “The Woolies Podcast”. During our show, we catch you up on our lives, our projects, stash acquisitions, our cats, yarny finds, and favorite pattern designs to help you on your creative journey. Though Haley and I’s styles could not be more different, we both agree on one thing… we love fiber art and we love helping others find a love for it, too. Whether you are beginning to jump into fiber arts, looking for your next intricate pattern, finding that weaver fever, or hoping for a fiber filled mental break, we give you the tools, and hopefully the inspiration, to start your next project. Catch up on all things knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, fiber art, Moon & Yarn (@moon_and_yarn), and Loch Knits (@lochknits) on the Woolies Podcast bi-weekly on our Youtube Channel below.