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Moon & Yarn

Butteryfly Woven Wall Art

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Butterfly woven wall art made with a variety of wools and art yarn. This piece is vibrant and would make a great statement piece in any room! This piece is woven onto a metal butterfly shape loom. This piece is woven onto the metal frame. This piece was inspired by american traditional tattoo artwork. I have been drawn to tattoo designs since I was a kid and I am constantly inspired by the colors.

Handmade with love in Pittsburgh, PA!

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14” x 14”

All of my weaving materials comes from other small businesses and talented artist! Weaving is a very timely art and each strand is woven over and under by my own hands. Each weaving is truly made with such care and love. All of my pieces mean so much to me, and I am always honored to share these lovely wall hangings.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to message me!

• Looking for a custom weaving? Just send me a message so we can chat about what you would want!

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