100 Day Project


I constantly get down on myself because I struggle with consistency. I have never done something everyday (except for practicing good hygiene) and I am inspired by those people who are able to do that. My boyfriend has previously completed two 365s where he hand-lettered every day for a year. While I watched his journey I always thought about how proud I would feel if I were to ever do that but I was nowhere near ready for that. At the end of March I was listening to my favorite podcast, Scrap Paper, Sarah and Emily were talking about the 100 Day Project. This a project where you take an hour out of your day or complete something everyday for 100 days straight. I thought to myself if they could do this, I could also. After the podcast I was hyped and ready to start. I even convinced my boyfriend to complete it with me. I was excited to create everyday for 100 days straight and get out of my comfort zone.

With weaving, it would be difficult to completing a weaving everyday. Weaving is a very time-consuming art and with working full-time I just did not think it would be doable. I decided I would take one hour out of my day at least to work on this project. And then I had a hard decision on what exactly I want to focus on. I choose to do 100 Days of Circle Weavings. Circle weaving is something that I absolutely love but honestly don’t focus on enough. This form of weaving is honestly something that I don’t see being practice that often, so I figured it would help set me apart.

The first 5 days I was very excited about the project, but by day 6 I started to feel very overwhelmed. I honestly wish there were more hours in the day and I had more time to dedicate to weaving. Realizing that every post I posted during this project was not going to be visually appealing and a finish product was not going to get done as fast as I would like really started to irritate me. I needed to take  a step back and remind myself of why I wanted to do this project. I know by day 100 I will be tremendously proud of myself for working on my skills consistently. Plus I also think it’s troublesome that we are focused on producing astounding Instagram posts everyday. I created Moon & Yarn as a business but also just to generously share my love for fiber arts and my progress. I lose that original goal sometimes because of how hard and competitive Instagram can be. Now I am accepting the process of what it is and enjoying it, I know it will fly by and I want to be present during it.

Here’s a recap on my projects so far:


You can follow along on my Instagram or follow the hashtag I made: #100daysofcircleweavings

If you want to read more about the 100 Day Project: www.the100dayproject.org