One Year Anniversary

I wanted to share my honest thoughts about Moon & Yarn’s first year. They always say that the first year in business is always the hardest, and that’s not a lie. I have learned so much about myself and how small business works.

DSC_0562 2

  • Don’t Get Caught Up In The Comparison Game – I get stuck scrolling on Instagram and I can’t help sometimes to become jealous of the people I follow. I ask myself why I don’t get as much likes/attention as some other weavers I follow. I wonder why I am not as far along as other artists that started the same time I did. I keep asking myself what I am doing wrong and why I can’t be like the people I look up to. I know this is absolutely ridiculously and is self sabotage at it’s finest. But honestly I am not the only victim of this and everyone does this. Just remember, everyone starts out a beginner and you still are!
  • Your Story Is Yours Only –  Of course you experience is going to be completely different from the other artists. Every step you take is purely unique. That weaver (or other type of artist) is going to have a completely different first year than what you experienced. Your story is unique to you and that is your super power. So enjoy everything you got to go through, because your lucky to experience life this way.
  • The Maker Community Is So Powerful – Artists support artists no matter what. No one looks at you like an enemy, only a friend. So don’t let your subconscious mind tell you that everyone hates you, because they absolutely do not.
  • Shopping Small Is VERY Important – I am totally guilty of buying everything from corporate stores. That quickly stopped when I found out most products from big stores are rip offs from small artists. I mainly shop from artists and Etsy, and then I will share about it on social media to help get more traffic towards that artist. I have seen so many local stores and artists shut down/have to quit because they lost business due to Amazon or some other store. It’s honestly heartbreaking when that happens. Please shop small if you can!
  • Create What You Want To Create – Never stop creating the art that you want to create just because it’s not on trend right now.
  • Consistency Really Is Key – Posting on social media at least once a day is huge and will actually get traction to your page. Setting time out of your day to make art everyday will make you a better artist. Tune in to your business everyday. I know it’s hard to do, but even 10 minutes a day helps.
  • Investing In Your Business Is Actually Important – I really don’t regret any of my purchase that I made this past year. I definitely have a lot of things now but I know they all benefit me. Buying better quality supplies can be very useful. For exampe, I thought getting business cards/stickers/pins would be a waste but they are definitely number one on my list of things that I bought this past year, people love them!
  • Not Every Market Is A Win – You will not sell all of your products at an artist market, sometimes you actually will not sell anything. Don’t get discourage, don’t give up!
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions – If you have questions about how to work Etsy or even what a certain product is, ask! Remember that everyone started out a beginner too and people are willing to help!
  • Don’t Under Sell Yourself – Please price your artwork at the price that it really should be. Don’t feel self-conscious and under price your hard work.
  • Have Fun With It – Yes, there are times to be serious about your work. But remember why you started. You started so you could do something you want to enjoy, so don’t lose that feeling! You should love what you do everyday, you deserve to have that joy.

I have my first weaving I ever made hanging right beside my working desk. I look at it everyday to remind myself of where I started. There are so many mistakes with that weaving and they remind me of how much I have learned over the past year. I have improved so much and gained so much knowledge. I am something I didn’t think that I would enjoy has turned into a daily hobby. Being a maker has helped me find a sense of accomplishment and push me outside my comfort zone. I will continue to work hard for this crazy dream I have for my small business. And I am happy to share my experince with everyone that follows me.

To every single person who has one of my weavings hanging in their home / a sticker stuck on something they value / a pin stuck on a piece of fabric / complemented or shared my work, I am so unbelievably grateful for your support! Moon & Yarn is still getting started but it has grown this much because of you. Now with one year down, I know I can conquer many more.