Customizing My Louet Spinning Wheel

My very own and first spinning wheel arrived a few weeks ago! I did not have the opportunity to build it right away because the weather in Pittsburgh had been cold and rainy on the weekends. Finally the weather cleared up and I was able to start my new project!


I got my wheel from a Louet retailer (Hipstrings in Allison Park). The wheel I decided to go with is the S17 Spinning Wheel from Louet. This wheel is a great wheel for beginners and for someone who wants to do basic spinning. It is very adaptable and as your skills grow you can add one different flyers/bobbins. The wheel comes unfinished, and that scared me a little bit. I know it’s not a big deal to sand and oil some wood, but I have never done anything like that before so I was feeling lost. I decided I wanted to add a more personal touch on my wheel and decided to paint the actual wheel and pedal.

The Building Process

All the materials I needed:

  • Spray Paint (I used two): Shimmer Metallic and Sea Mist
  • Mandala Stencil
  • Danish Oil
  • Sand paper
  • Staining Pads
  • Gloves

I don’t want to give you step by step instructions on how to build the wheel, but all about how I customized it. So here is a step by step process:

Step One: I wanted to start out by painting my wheel and pedal since that would take some time to dry. So we took the process outside, the weather was beautiful! I used Sea Mist color spray paint/primer that I got at Joann Fabrics. Before painting, I sanded down both pieces. We laid down some cardboard. Then I sprayed one side, waited 20 minutes, and then sprayed the other side.


Step Two: After spray painting the wheel and the pedal, I started to sand down all the other pieces of the wheel.

Step Three: After sanding, I rubbed Danish oil on all the other wooden pieces. Waited 15 minutes for the first coat to dry, and then added another layer. After two coats were added, the instructions said to wait 8-10 hours to finish drying.

Step Four: For the final touches of the wheel I used a mandala stencil that I also got Joann Fabrics. To make sure the stencil was centered on the wheel, my boyfriend added cardboard around the stencil with little holes. This way the gold spray paint would not get anywhere else on the wheel and we could check to see if the stencil was definitely centered.

Step Five: Spray painted the stencil onto the wheel with metallic gold paint from Joann Fabrics. Let dry for 30 minutes.


I ended up waiting to build me wheel a few days after painting. No reason for this decision except for finding the time. The instructions for the wheel were very easy to follow!  To build the wheel it took the total of 30 minutes, maybe even a little less. And of course my cat, Avery, tried to be involved.

My boyfriend, David Johnson, was kind enough to hand letter my logo onto my pedal. He is the artist who designed my logo and is incredibly talented!


Now the wheel is completely finished, it’s time to practice spinning! I am so excited, and nervous, for this new learning experience!