A Week’s Worth of Weavings

I really need to give myself more credit for all that I accomplished this week. Within the past week I finished three weavings! This whole week I have been in a creative funk and I have been so hard on myself. But putting together this post has left me proud of all the work that I got done! My new woven tapestries are just so dreamy that I want to share more about the details!


The Golden Mini

This weaving was made for a friend and it really got me out of my comfort zone. Creating things with vibrant colors just comes easy to me, the brighter the better. But making something with just whites and golds was very refreshing! I will definitely have to make more weavings with neutral pallets. This mini was made with Heal The Wool in Ivory White by Wool And The Gang, white roving from Hipstrings, Disco Down Yarn in gold from Wool And The Gang, hand dyed gold foil ribbon from Miss Knit Yarn, and the gold yarn is vintage yarn I found thrifting.

Vibrant Madness

This weaving is a piece I have been working on for myself. A few months ago I found thee most beautiful art yarn and decided I was going to save it for myself. I truly believe that this skein of handpsun yarn captured my art taste perfectly. This piece recieved a lot of positive feedback so I ended up saving some of the yarn for another weaving. This madness was made with art yarn made by a local spinner and left over colorful scraps from past projects.

Good Nature

To help me get out of my creative funk I created a weaving inspired by the cover of Turnover’s new album Good Nature. First of all, if you haven’t listened to that album yet you should go do that now. The colors of this album art are extremely beautiful and I had so much fun matching up yarn. Maybe I will make more weavings inspired by my favorite albums? This weaving was entirely made with Wool And The Gang yarn.